Assessment 1: Part 1

AVENUE: Video presentation, “Keeping Culture Creative”
For the design success, the video must be designed in reference to Hierarchy of Needs. Rough thoughts and assignment progress:


The Holmes Group is an internationally recognised organisation designed to help grow and drive the Public Relations industry (Holmes Group 2013). Paul Holmes, the founder, publisher and CEO of the Holmes group writes an important article referencing the functionality of the present-day PR industry, and the cry out for a new design edge and avenue to assist the PR in staying relevant alongside the digital technology advances (Holmes 2013).


The content of my assignment will communicate the importance and value of design in the Public Relations industry. I recognised the value of this article in referencing the entire PR industry to the learning materials in week one, Hierarchy of Needs (Butler, Holden, Lidwell 2010).
In a broader context, I was able to see faults in the design of the industry as a result of technological advances, social media, etc.
The PR industry is functional, as is it reliable. Clients are confident they are paying for a service that will be delivered. The industry and services are very accessible; it is a service-providing industry. Therefore, from a client’s perspective, usability can be reflected in its accessibility.
Proficiency and creativity is where PR needs to be redesigned. A design to nurture and broaden the abilities and services to help the professional PR industry not only offer more, but become more creative and interactive with their services. Difficulties arise with social media sites such as Pinterest and Blogs who offer free how-to tutorials for the public to manage their PR needs themselves (American Press Institute 2015).
The Hierarchy of Needs mind map seemed like a a great starting point for the beginning processes of this assessment, as I feel it is such an important foundation –  checklist, if you will – to solidify a design idea from.

Paul Holmes speaks about how success in PR is knowing more than just the current visual trends of the market, it is successfully executing campaigns consistent with these trends (Holmes 2013). Design and visuals will play a very important part of the success of my end result of this assignment, in particular, aesthetic consistency.
I view my assessment goal and the successful design of this video presentation, as a mini PR campaign in itself. It is simple to create a video presentation with visuals, audios and texts that, when not aesthetically or functionally consistent, become hard to use and confusing for the viewer.
Huffington Post published an article discussing the difficulty in design when online campaigns are created, in regards to successfully viewing the campaign on all receivers. Every monitor, smart phone, sizes of screen etc. are all unique, leaving a gap in the ability to successfully design an online campaign that is consistent on all gadgets (Odgis 2015).
Lack of design and consistency in this scenario would then minimise functionality and hinder the ability to successfully deliver the message, the sole purpose and function of the video.
Understanding the importance of colour and functional consistency in design is an extremely important factor to focus on early. Throughout this design process and as I move forward with visuals and colours in the design process, understanding what will deter viewers and cause failure in communicating the videos message is imperative. This ensures the upcoming weeks will assist my design process and my final project, as opposed to hinder it.

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