ASSIGNMENT REVIEW: Getting everything together.

Overview of assignment

My initial plan for this design was to create a video presentation. However, after encountering functionality bumps in the road, I opted for a Prezi presentation.  Since then I have still been on the hunt for an appropriate way to integrate a short video into my presentation. A few weeks back, I read Alumnify CEO, AJ Agrawal, recommend that video web content within presentations gets creative juices flowing, gives your audience a break from reading text and helps create checkpoints and memorable moments for your audience (Agrawal, 2015).
I managed to source a video online that is brief, introductory and sets the perfect inquisitive tone. I inserted it by utilising the top links across the top of the presentation.

Media links above assignment content

Progressing forward, I plan to include interactive videos/graphics/images within each of these top links that correlate to the corresponding text blocks. Keeping the presentation as interactive as possible.

Week 10 learning materials touches on the importance of Good Design and offers a great miniature scaffold as a point of reference:

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • User friendly
  • Ground breaking

I feel as though my presentation is slowly moving towards checking off all of these key points.
Functionality, my Prezi is a successful communication platform.
Aesthetically, I aim to keep information clutter free, readable and the use of simple colours to make it aesthetically pleasing.
User friendly, a Prezi presentation is clear and very simple to use.
The final point, ground breaking, a Prezi isn’t exactly ‘ground breaking’, but I do think it is a great design option for communication.

In creating a ‘Good Design’, it should help to not only lessen errors, but be forgiving if errors do happen to occur (Butler, Holden Lidwell 2010).
My Prezi presentation is designed to be straight forward and forgiving. The design is sent as a link via email, includes good affordances such as a triangle ‘play’ button to begin the presentation and is controlled by the viewer by clicking a ‘next’ or ‘previous’ arrow at their own leisure.
These good affordances offer clear instructions and create an interactive presentation. Interaction by the audience during presentations is thought to boost enthusiasm post-presentation and ensures participation and a fuller understanding of what is being communicated (Stubbles 2014).
I also think a Prezi presentation is a great point of reference. Audience members are able to click the link in their email at any point, to review the presentation in their own time if they need clarity or reminding.

A major emphasis of my presentation will be ‘WHO NEEDS TO DO IT’ section which will speak about the necessity of teamwork in PR to breed a creative design influence in the industry. Design teams and PR teams share similar responsibilities in their team environments. Including mixed values and cultures that inspire different creative perceptions and ideas (PRNewser 2016). As well as the responsibility of problem solving within a group and holding members accountable. Forbes magazine (2016) releasing that teamwork in both creative and non-creative organisations is the super-trend for the future of business (Bersin 2015).
In some cases in many companies, both PR and Design teams actually work together!

As I continue to progress in preparing my Prezi presentation, each week I come across a new idea that could benefit my final product. I find myself writing, re-writing, creating graphics, searching for videos, colour schemes and images to help the design  communicate my message!

Fingers crossed for a completed publication design!!


Agrawal, AJ 2015, One Trick To Make Better Presentations, Inc, viewed 25 January 2017

Bersin, J 2015, New Research Shows Why Focus On Teams, Not Just Leaders, Is Key To Business Performance, Forbes, viewed 26 January 2017

Bulter, J Holden, K Lidwell, W 2010, Universal principles of design: 125 ways to enhance usability, influence perception, increase appeal, make better design decisions, and teach through design, Rockport Publishers, Beverly, MA.

PRNewser 2016, Here’s How to Build a Strong PR Team, PRNewser, viewed 26 January 2017

Stubbles, M 2014, Advantages of Interactive Learning with the Use of Technology, Lerablog, viewed 25 January 2017


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